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The First Step


Register for our programs. Choose your class and make your first payment! Our pricing structure is set up for the majority of our families who choose to pay monthly. You will receive an invoice for your remaining monthly payments. If you prefer to pay bi-monthly or FULL tuition, the choice is YOURS when you register!

Trust the Teacher


Founder and Executive Director, Lila Hood, has over twenty years of teaching experience in the community, public schools, charter schools, private schools, and international organizations. She has designed a methodology that works incredibly well for students of all backgrounds that gives them a strong classical foundation while exploring other genres and fostering their creativity...all while having FUN! In keeping with technology and the dawn of "today's music student", our music programs are exciting and completely outside of the box! 

The Future of Music Education


Our music programs prepare students with solid, positive life skills that are necessary for their future success. We are building confident leaders and we recognize that budding, young artists may not know how to interpret their feelings of being different from "the norm". Who defines normal? NO ONE! Here in Blue Violin Classes, we embrace our differences and we allow our personalities to yell out loud! BE YOU!

Lila Hood
Lila's Notes


Practicing is a key component to participating in our programs. Students who miss more than 3 lessons or who are only touching their instruments when they come to class may be in jeopardy of losing their spot in our program. We have an extensive waiting list of students who want to learn, and we certify our teachers in our unique and innovative teaching style! 

We’d love to hear from you!

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