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Blue Violin Classes offer innovative lessons for children everywhere, with a focus on underserved communities to nurture and help young talent thrive. We have built an instrument library so that more students can participate in our programs! Oftentimes, students are able to pay for classes, but they cannot afford an instrument. We eliminate the barriers that keep children from learning music!

Giving "MUSIC" supports:

  • Instrument accessories, lesson books, and music stands

  • instrument acquisitions & Instrument library repairs so that more students can play

  • Tuition scholarships

  • Student educational supplies

How MUCH will help? 

ALL donations are welcome, but if you're looking for some specific numbers, $750 sponsors a semester of lessons, $325 sponsors a 50% tuition assistance recipient, and $250 sponsors a month of lessons for a student in need.

Help us continue to change lives through music! **DONATE TODAY! GIVE MUSIC!

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