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  Strings Program    

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I offer private lessons on Violin (traditional & electric) to ages 4 and up, and we have FUN! As a former "Suzuki kid" myself, I have made it my life's passion to do what I can to increase diversity in Strings. I developed additional elements that have leveled the playing field for learning the Suzuki Violin Method including offering lessons at a lower market rate, supporting working families with parent workshops, and building an instrument library for student rentals. Acoustic violin students learn technique using the Suzuki Violin method with my 20-yr tested implementation which incorporates note reading, music theory, and playing other genres. *Electric violin students must have playing experience and must have their own electric instrument and amp. Private lessons are available upon request and subject to availability. Top students from my program may be selected for "The Blue Notes" ensemble, with eligibility for participation in my web series as well as commercials, TV, and film auditions. 

PPiano Program

I offer private traditional piano lessons to students ages 4 and up, as well as ADULTS! Having been a former piano student myself, I have designed a teaching method that increases self-confidence, encourages performance, and is overall FUN! All beginner to intermediate students learn using the Alfred's piano method books. Preschool-Kindergarten students learn using the "Music for Little Mozarts" series, 1st-4th grade students use the "All-In-One" series, 5th grade and up use the "Basic Library" series, and adults learn using the "Adult All-In-One" series. Once students have mastered note reading, rhythm notation, and fingering techniques and completed beginner level books, I transition them to the John Thompson's series for building repertoire and intermediate to advanced technique. All instructional books are available on Amazon!


*Temporarily on break due to COVID-19 safety concerns; however, please read the following information to learn more about us: ELECTRIFY your life! Our Electric Youth Orchestra L.A. allows students to stretch their creativity and become the rock orchestra stars they've always dreamed of being! We WELCOME electric instruments but they are not required for participation! Students learn to read music notation and rhythms, but they also learn to improvise and play all styles of music including classical, rock, hip-hop, jazz, pop, Latin, and soul! Ready to rock? Join us! *Required Instructional Books: "Essential Elements" Bk 1 for your instrument AND "Rockin' Strings" Bk 1 for your instrument. All instructional books are available on Amazon!

Blue Violin Community Orchestra 

*Temporarily on break due to COVID-19 safety concerns; however, Adult private Strings lessons are STILL AVAILABLE. please read the following information to learn more about us: Our Blue Notes Orchestra is for adults who have always wanted to play, who may have played previously in childhood, or who may be an established player seeking a group to play with that explores all styles of music and teaches improvisation! You choose your own string instrument! Violin, Viola, Cello, or String Bass! Players from this group enjoy private lessons and also perform a monthly virtual concert online and may be chosen to perform on tour with Lila. *Required Books: "Essential Elements" for your instrument/level  AND music theory workbook/level for your instrument. Both are available on Amazon!

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